Chowderheads Ski Hidden Valley

Chowderheads don’t like meetings. When Penobscot Paddle and Chowder Society (PPCS) meetings are required, members employ exceptional efforts to include recreation before reluctantly attending to business. Like any organization, the PPCS needs meetings to plan their schedule, review finances and discuss topical issues. Normally, that’s three times a year for the PPCS; winter, summer and […]

Leaky Capers on Bald Rock Mountain

Bald Rock Mountain in Camden Hills State Park was the first mountain I climbed in the winter. That less than illustrious escapade was almost exactly forty years ago. Located in Lincolnville in the northeastern sector of the park, at the time primary access to the summit was a trail that left Route One about a […]

Falling for Goose Eye

An old age question asked during my annual physical for about a decade, “Have you fallen during the past year?” It always seems like an astounding inquiry. I occasionally fall carrying my kayak or canoe up and down steep embankments. A couple of times a year, I fall off a bike. While there is rarely […]

Poetic Mount Megunticook

“Where the mountains meet the sea, “ is an oft-quoted phrase attributed to poet Edna St. Vincent Millay to describe the Camden Hills. Located in Camden Hills State Park, Mount Megunticook is the tallest of the Camden Hills at an elevation 1,385 feet. According to park literature, it is also the highest mainland mountain on […]

Cross Country Skiing is for Old People

You can still love an activity even if you’re not good at it. That’s true with cross country skiing and me. Beginning the sport in my forties, I’ve never progressed beyond mediocrity. Something I thoroughly enjoy, it’s gentler on my aging body than most other favored pursuits. The School of Medicine at the University of […]

A Fiery Tale on Ragged Mountain

A lot has changed since I started hiking Ragged Mountain in the 1970s. Part of a coastal mountain range called the Camden Hills, back then the only trail leading to the summit began in a pasture on the Gillette Road in Rockport. Crossing private properties, the path went through an evolution of closings and re-openings, […]

Racing Against the Storm on Bigelow Mountain

Except for three years in the Army, I’ve lived my entire life in Maine. One would surmise that after seven decades experiencing Maine winters, they wouldn’t come as a surprise. However, for some inexplicable reason the first significant winter storm always seems to catch me unprepared. I’m not alone. A few inches of white stuff […]

Cathance Fever, Catch It!

Perhaps the best kept whitewater secret in coastal Maine is a three mile stretch of the Cathance River in my hometown of Topsham. Located in the northeastern, rural part of town, it is a Class II through V creek run that consists of four rapids followed by four runnable waterfalls. Most of the action occurs […]

Youth Revisited on Pleasant Mountain

Birthdays never bothered me until I turned sixty-nine. It was then that I realized my next solemn remembrance would be seventy. By anyone’s definition, seventy is old. Depending upon one’s perspective, it may not be ancient or completely over-the-hill, but seriously old. Just recently, there was a news announcement about an accident in Hampden. The […]

Geriatric Whitewater on Austin Stream

Maine has some great whitewater. Besides the well-known dam release rafting rivers like the Kennebec, Dead and Penobscot, there are dozens of excellent free flowing whitewater streams and rivers. Under normal circumstances, the best time to paddle whitewater is in the spring when April showers and snowmelt combine to provide optimum conditions. However, soaking rains […]