Elderly Adventures in Grand Lake Stream

In addition to an ever growing assortment of aches and pains, aging comes with at least a few benefits. For me, one has been the time to experiment with writing professionally. After retiring from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), I began exploring writing opportunities in earnest. To a large degree, it’s been a positive endeavor. […]

Sebago to the Sea

At age 70, I’ve reluctantly come to the realization that I’m not going to be able continue my prior level of athletic involvement indefinitely. I can envision a time when my outdoor activities will be limited to cross country skiing in the winter and biking during the remaining three seasons. They’re the only two sports […]

Navigating the Shrinking St. Francis River

Fellow retiree Brent Elwell and I met at Pelletier’s Campground in St. Francis on a warm spring evening. The rural northern Maine village is located at the confluence of the St. Francis and St. John Rivers about fifteen miles north of Fort Kent. The goal was to canoe the St. Francis and our journey would […]

Canoe Tripping Maine Rivers

Maine has many of the best canoe tripping rivers in the northeastern United States. The Allagash, St. John, Moose, St. Croix and East and West Branches of the Penobscot are probably the most famous. However, there are others worth considering. Canoe tripping was my introduction to paddle sports. I began with large northern Maine lakes […]

Growing Old in Whitewater

Many of the whitewater boaters that I paddle with began the sport thirty or forty years ago. Now, we’re in our sixties, seventies and a handful in their eighties. We’ve witnessed much of the evolution of the sport which first became popular nationally in the seventies. Many people including myself credit the whitewater adventures depicted […]

Whitewater Weekend

For many years, Penobscot Paddle and Chowder Society (PPCS) members have organized an April whitewater weekend in New Hampshire. Normally, several excellent whitewater rivers and streams in the southern central part of the state open in April offering exciting early season paddling opportunities. Popular Class III/IV runs include Contoocook, Ashuelot, Otter, Warner and Smith. This […]

Misadventures on Souadabscook Stream

Souadabscook Stream is one of Maine’s most popular early spring whitewater runs. While most of it is located in Hampden, the source is a collection of small ponds in the Hermon area. Beginning with several miles of calm water and mild currents before arriving at Manning Mill Road, the stream then turns into a tumultuous […]

Remembering Skip on the St. George

Skip and Jo Pendleton were members of the Penobscot Paddle and Chowder Society (PPCS) for a couple of decades. After a 65 year marriage, they both passed away last year, just a few days apart. I didn’t know Jo very well as she was not active in club adventures. What I did know was that […]

Chowderheads in Transition

Early spring is a time of transition for chowderheads in the Penobscot Paddle and Chowder Society (PPCS). Ice and snow are melting on the whitewater rivers; yet vestiges of winter remain at many preferred cross country ski areas. We often find ourselves in conflict about what choices to make. Since the coastal streams and rivers […]

Peak Bagging can be Addictive

A confession, I’m a recovering peak bagger. Defined as an attempt to reach the summit of a list of mountains, peak bagging is a great sport…if you can handle it responsibly. In New England, there are several popular mountain lists. Probably the most coveted goals are four thousand footers and the New England One Hundred […]